At Mondial Electronics we maintain a stringent quality control system. All products are thoroughly inspected and catalogued before they are either placed into stock or shipped to our customers. We also take special care in handling static sensitive devices and maintain up-to-date and accurate receiving and shipping logs.


We have invested in several high-tech devices to maintain our high standards, namely Honeywell's 4600g barcode reader with 2d imaging. This device enables us to authenticate manufacturers' part numbers, lot code numbers and manufacturers' packaging, enabling us to reduce the risk of getting substandard parts.

Mondial Electronics also uses an ultra high-performance microscope in our ESD department to verify the authenticity and quality standard to each and every component that arrives through our supply channel. We verify the following:

  • Leads (residue, scratches, corrosion)
  • Casing
  • Handling

We have a strict quality assurance policy. Any signs or indications that a component does not meet the standard requested as per manufacturer’s specifications, customer will be advised immediately.

in-house programming services

vendor management PROGRAMs

Mondial Electronics also offers a complete range of material management Programs including:

  • BOM Analysis quote requirements, alternatives, delivery
  • Bonded Inventory (LOI)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Consignment Inventory Program
  • Production solutions & Consumables consignment
       Inventory (Locker/vending machine)
  • JIT services – flexibility to send/receive parts as required
  • BOM kitting and requirement scheduling

If you don't see a program listed, call us. We can create any custom program to suit your needs.